Work Continues on the Short Story Quilt

The Short Story quilt is moving along ever so slowly. It’s actually at my sewing machine right now about halfway quilted. But I don’t have any pictures of the process. It is coming out ok, but there have been a few bobbles — like forgetting to leave the needle down when I pivot or forgetting to put the presser foot back down. So that leaves a few weird stitches. Also, when the quilt sandwich is not moving freely and gets caught on the edge of the sewing table, the stitches get tight. But after leaving it be for a while, I don’t notice these things as much when I come back to it. Here’s some pictures of the quilt top before I started quilting.

Here’s the blocks all sewn together.

Here’s the border and the corners added on.

Here’s the lovely Enzo enjoying the quilt sandwich process.


Green Pottery Collection

I know there was a blog a while back that featured people’s collections and that inspired me to share pictures of my prized collections. One of my favorites is the “Ugly Green Pottery” collection. Of course, I don’t think it’s ugly, I think it’s beautiful. But let’s just say some of my family members are not as enamored. I have picked these up over the years at thrift stores, antique stores, and a few are new. Most of my collection is Royal Copley. Can’t wait to go to the big antique show at the Expo Center this Saturday. Maybe I’ll find another treasure!

Here’s a general overview of the first part of the collection. It’s mostly Royal Copley with a little McCoy and USA Pottery. And, also a new piece from Jonathan Adler.

Here’s a close-up of one of the shelves. 


Here’s a preview of Part 2 of the ugly green pottery collection. More pictures coming soon.

I’ll also post some pictures of my other collections in the next few weeks.