Will this be the year?

new_year.jpgWe’re two days into 2016 and I still have hope that it will be a creative year for Chinchilla Whiskers. Gosh, it’s easy for me to get disheartened. I’ve been sick. When I am down, everything goes into disarray, at least from my point of view. As I’ve been keeping up with Facebook, texts and emails these past few days, it seems a lot of friends are going through health issues and assorted yuckiness too.

I was really geared up to make some changes in the house for the New Year. You know: more clean, less clutter. I started following, a home cleaning and organizational website. I think the site overwhelmed me with its many daily email reminders and testimonials. Even though the emphasis is on doing 15 minutes of cleaning/decluttering at a time, it consumed my thoughts and energies. And while I enjoyed reading it, you can imagine I didn’t have much luck with the Magic Art of Tidying Up (Marie Kondo) method of decluttering all-at-once.

So here I sit on the living room floor in front of the fireplace surrounded by a cat scratcher, my opened to-do notebook, a (finished!) felt embroidery project and supplies, and boxes of Christmas decorations waiting to go back in the attic. Basically, a mess.

While it’s still quiet in my house this morning, I decided to visit this blog and “Just Do It” (like my 11 year old son would say a la the Shia LaBeouf meme)! Trying not to be too careful with my words and just writing.

My creative hopes for 2016:

  • Get my Etsy site really going.
  • Participate in more craft shows.
  • Hone my skills and learn new ones.
  • Use my sewing spreadsheet to keep me moving along.

My family hopes for 2016:

  • Health for us all! We have been fortunate despite a few scares in the last few years.
  • Explore the world, even with my reluctant traveler boy.
  • More time together with just my husband and I. One date night outside of our anniversary would be an improvement.

My personal hopes for 2016:

  • Always, always be a better person.
  • Keep fighting the prejudices and judgments instilled from an early age.
  • Be there, be square.

My overall thought the past couple of weeks has been something I think I read in Cheryl Strayed’s new book Brave Enough. Basically, you have to make your own magic. This really resonates because I often rely on others to set the tone, make the decisions, or influence how I feel.

This year I want to remember that it is in my hands to make the magic happen.


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